Presenters wanted

We are looking for more presenters

Option 1 We are now able to have presenters log remotely into our studio. You will need a decent Microphone plugged into your PC. A small mixing desk would also be an advantage but is not necessary. You will be given your own login and even space to upload personal Jingles etc.

Option 2 We also have the option to send in recorded shows to us based on 3x 19 minute segments for each hour. Your formatting can be anything you like as long as it is suitable to be played on the airwaves. We must receive the show 48 hours before your allotted time.

Shows would be sent to us via dropbox

Option 3 if you already stream a show. We can rebroadcast your show if you supply us your listening link. We will simply add a Jingle every 20 minutes and our news at the top of the hour.

4th option coming soon. we MAY be able to allow certain people to broadcast from our studio. This would be subject to certain checks.

Please note that we ask for a VOLUNTARY donation of £20 per month from all presenters to help cover costs. (this is regardless of how many shows or hours you do).

There will be no donation accepted for Your first trial month.

Interested? drop us a mail to